“The Flash”

For all avid fans of “The Flash” like me I’m sure you are all excited for its TV series because I am.
From the comic books, movies and now “The Flash” is taking over your television on October 7, 2014. How I wish it is already October 7.

“The Flash” is based from DC Comics. It is mixed of action, mystery, drama, superhero fiction and science fiction.

I’m excited on how the story will be, how the special effects will look like and most especially I’m excited how the cast will do their roles, most especially with Grant Gustin who will play the role of Barry Allen or The Flash. Even thou it hasn’t aired yet there are already issues regarding the lead character that they are not suited for the roles.

Until then let us see and watch if they are suitable or not for the roles they portray. The creator of TV series “The Flash” knows what they are doing.

According to what I read the story will start when Barry Allen wake up after the nine months from Star Labs explosion. He awakens finding that while he was in a coma a lot has change.

If you think this is Barry Allen (The Flash) first appearance you’re wrong. He already made his appearance at Arrow Season 2 episode of “The Scientist”.

With the trailers airing it makes the viewers more interested with “The Flash”.

Hope it won’t disappoint the avid fans of “The Flash”.