Watching anime makes me relax. Maybe because of their great graphic or cool sound track. Not only young people watch anime but also those young in hearts. There are a lot of anime that you can watch today but there are only few of them that I can say I really love. Here are my top favorite anime that I can recommend you should watch.

Naruto Shippuuden
Naruto is one of the longest anime that I can say that you won’t be bored to watch. Every episode is exciting and the story keeps on getting better. The character of Naruto can make you irritated, laugh but you will surely love his positive attitude and how he tried to make his dream come true to become a Hokage.

Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail is my newest favorite anime. Everything here is great. This anime was introduced to me by cousin. It has great cool music, story is exciting and funny, each character is funny in their own way. I love how they did the action and comedy sequence in every story. In Fairy Tail the lead character here are Lucy and Natsu who are both powerful and in the same guild. You won’t regret watching this even if you are not in to those cutie anime.

Gundam Seed
Is one of my favorite mechanical futuristic anime. Sunrise really know how to make the viewers excited and make the anime interesting. The graphics and how it was made was just right and it is not exaggerating. This anime is not pure action but also it also revolves about family, friendship and loyalty.

One Piece
I know One Piece is about Pirates and some people especially parents will think twice to let their children watch this anime because of the negative image of a pirate. But here in One Piece it is a bit different. Luffy who wants to be a pirate but has a good intention and has a good heart same goes with his crew. I salute the people behind One Piece because of their great imagination in making the characters and giving a different image for pirates. In watching this anime you will love the crew of Straw Hat Pirates they have each unique character.