Now watching your favorite TV shows can not only be watch only using your television set, you can also watch not using your PC or your laptop. With TvHod you will have a different experience watching your favorite shows.

With the use of your computer or laptop you can access it 24/7 anytime anywhere as long as you have a good and fast internet connection. You can watch anytime and anywhere TV shows without using a television set. Watching will be more fun and easier. You won’t need to rush home or find a place to be able to watch your favorite shows. It will make your life much easier because it is not difficult to use. To start using TvHod you can choose channel by your local TV, category or country.

When you open TvHod it will automatically show you the TV channels in your local area that you can browse. If you want to watch or see other TV channel from other country just select the country you desire to search. Another way to search other channels by category all you need to do is click the category and it will show you different category that you can choose depending on your liking. But if you have already had a specific channel in mind all you need to do is type in the name of the channel at the search box.

This is also convenient to use because you can choose the language that you are comfortable to understand. English is the primary language use but you change it by clicking the language field.

Don’t settle from watching shows from your own country only. It would be great to watch shows also from different country to learn, know and understand about them. You think it is impossible, guess again because now you can watch not only shows from your country but also you can choose to watch other shows from other country. All you need is TvHod in your computer or laptop and you will surely have a blast watching great shows and discover new things.