Who doesn’t know Robin Williams?!

I love watching movies especially if Robin Williams is one of the cast.

Robin Williams is one of my favorite actors. He can make me laugh and cry or even both at the same time. Did you have the same experience when watching his movies? I can say that he is really a great flexible actor

Aside being a good actor I read he is also a good person and a friend. I read in one article about Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams. Their friendship started when they both studied at Juilliard until Reeve’s died in 2004. I read that when the medical insurance of Reeve’s ran out Williams helped pay many of his bills. And when Reeve’s widow died in 2006 Williams supported the couple’s son practically and financially.

I grow up watching his movies. I loved him at Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Flubber, Patch Adams, Bicentennial Man, Night at the Museum and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. And also I loved his voice when he did the voice of Genie at Aladdin and at Happy Feet as Ramon / Lovelace.

During in my teen years I repeatedly watch the Disney movie Aladdin. Robin really did a great job as the voice of Genie. For me he was too cute especially when he is making a joke.

The most memorable movie for me was Patch Adams. It has a very touching story. It is about a doctor that uses humor to help his patient. This movie has received both negative and positive critics. But for me I really love this movie. Everyone has his opinion on everything.

When the news came out that Robin Williams died I was sad. I guess it was not only me but there were a lot of people who were shock and sad especially when the news came out on how he died.

How about you what was your favorite Robin William movie or show?

What do you think of Robin William as an actor and as a person?