Reality TV shows built up my curiosity if whether it is really true or scripted. I still think twice while watching this reality TV shows.

Here are some of this shows that I have watch.

Dancing with the Stars
I love how celebrities partner with professional dancers and compete with other stars and their partners. Showing clips of their practice on how hard they do there dance routine. I really see every episode there improvement on how good they get each dance they did.

America’s Next Top Model
Here I love how the girls compete with each other for their dreams to become the next top model. Showing their efforts in every photo shoot they take.

Big Brother
I saw different version of Big Brother from different country. And each country has different impact on me. There are other Big Brother that are conservative and some are over liberated. Maybe because it depend on the culture of each country. But I’m not much a fan of this show, sometimes I feel that they don’t show there true self because of the cameras around.

At first the contestants compete with other team and the losing team will evict a team member. They will be in an island trying to survive not only being in the island but also survive every game and survive each other. They used strategies to win each other. And maybe because they have stayed in the island for a long period there is behaviour that will show up that you won’t expect. And I saw some contestant just to survive the game they will do dirty tricks to each other.

The Amazing Race
Instead playing individually here at The Amazing Race they play in pair. I love how they play their game, making sure not to be the last team in every pit stop. Just like in Survivor I love how they use different technique and methods to win. Sometimes I wish I could be also one of their contestants. While playing you can see different places at the same time.