One of my favourite TV sitcom of all time is FRIENDS. It tackles almost everything that each person can encounter in the real world.

It revolves around six young people. Each character has its weakness and strength. You’ll see how the characters shows there support and comforting each other.

Rachel Green the cute waitress who is always waiting for the right guy for her.

Monica Gellar a chief and who wants everything to be perfect.

Pheobe Buffey is one of the funniest characters here. I love his hippy character.

Ross Gellar the brother of Monica. He is clumsy and has a crush with Rachel.

Chandler Bing is also my favourite character. I love how Matthew Perry did to character, every line he delivers were funny.

Joey Tribbiani the struggling actor. His boy next door looks is perfect for him.

In every episode will surely make you laugh most of the time.
I also love there sound track “I’ll be there for you” and the lyrics has a nice meaning. Until now I still listen to this music.

One you started watching FRIENDS you will surely be hooked till the end. You won’t regret it.