Hey guys are you familiar with Korean dramas? Korean dramas has been a hit in Asia and now also outside Asia. I love how they show there culture and how the stories goes. I have watched different Korean drama from romance, drama, comedy, fantasy and more. I don’t know what the reason I got hooked watching Korean dramas especially if it is a romance-comedy.

If you want to try some of Korean dramas here are some of my suggestion that I hope you will also enjoy watching.

The Master’s Sun
It a great mix of horror, romance and comedy. For the lead actress she really great in doing comedy romance while the lead actor did a great job even it is his first time doing horror-comedy. The story is between Joo Joong-won the CEO of a department store and hotel and Tae Gong-shil who sees ghost after an accident that later falls in love.

You Came From The Stars
A fantasy romance that you will surely laugh and fall in love at the same time. An alien falls in love with a famous actress. Aside from the great story you will be impress with the Korean fashion from the dress, suit and accessories.

The Greatest Love
A romantic comedy between a famous actor and a former singer in a girl group that used to be very famous. As the story goes on you will be thrilled especially when they are together and how they discover that they have fallen in love with each other. Watch how they fight for their love and show their fans that they are really in love.

Gu Family Book
Another fantasy romance in a historical drama that has martial arts in it. Gon a half human and half gumiho falls in love with Dam Yeo-wool a martial instructor. You will be amazed of the special effect of this drama and even the sound track.

I Can Hear Your Voice
If you want courtroom drama and also a romantic comedy but has a bit fantasy this is for you. Even thou this has a bit fantasy you can also learn something about laws. I love the character of Jang Hye-sung how he lately falls in love with Park Soo-ha. While Park Soo-ha has been waiting for the time that they wil