How do I choose a channel?
In choosing a channel, you can choose from 3 options. You can sort by Local TV, by Category or by Country. Sorting through Local TV allows you to browse on TV channels that can be found on your area while sorting by Category enables you to look through different grouping of TV shows and lastly, sorting by Country present you an option to view the TV shows of a particular country. This feature allows you to have an easier and faster way in picking the channel of your choice.

How can I change the language?
By default, this site uses English as its primary language however you can change it anytime by clicking the language field found on the upper right corner. Here you have the options to use English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

How can I make suggestion or comments about the site?
At the right upper corner you can find the “Contact Us” feature. If you click it, you will be directed to the contact us page where you can leave a feedback about our site. Any comments and suggestions are fully welcomed and appreciated. Here you are required to leave your name, email and country of residence so that we can easily send you our response and answer to your opinions.

How can I search for a particular channel?
Finding a specific channel can be easy thanks to the search feature. Simply put in the name of the channel you are looking for and you would readily be directed into it.

How to Report a Bug?
Reporting a bug can be done in two ways. First is through the “Contact Us” feature. You can send any bugs you noticed and observed as part of your feedback. The second is the “Report a Bug” feature which you can find at the lower part of the video streaming. Our technical support will immediately get back to you and rest assure that we will fix the bugs. We would greatly appreciate any bug reports you will send us, this will make our services better.